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Scotts Building 20 Casement Square, Cobh, Ireland

T: +353 21 481 4585 E: info@titanicbarandgrill.ie

Our Story

Welcome to the Titanic Bar and Grill

Our Home here in the Historic Scott’s Building in Cobh (Queenstown as it was then known) was once the Ticketing Office for White Star Line Owners of the World Famous “Titanic” Ocean Liner. Passengers gathered here at White Star Wharf on the Morning of 11th April 1912 and boarded the aptly named Tenders Ireland and America. The Tenders transported the 123 Queenstown Passengers from the pier outside our Building (Heartbreak pier) to the Titanic which was anchored off Roche’s Point. The Passengers consisted of Three First Class Passengers; they were Miss Daisy Minahan of Green Bay, Wisconsin and her Parents Dr and Mrs William Minahan of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The Two Women would later survive the Tragedy. Also to board were Seven Second Class Passengers and One Hundred and Thirteen Steerage Passengers.

At 1.55pm Titanic weighed anchor and the Disembarked Passengers on the Tender waved good bye. On moving away the Titanic gave the customary three long blasts on her Siren to which the Tenders Hooter replied at similar length. Then the Liner gave a final very short blast which was answered in a like manner: a single note to bid a final farewell to the Ship’s Company. For most of them it would be very final.

Titanic Bar was officially opened in August 2000 by Millvina Dean, the youngest Titanic Survivor who was nine weeks old when Titanic sank

It would later close for a number of years before being reopened in 2012 a hundred years since the sinking of Titanic.

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